The ancient ones part 3

The mage, vampire, and hunter societies and of Fredericton met along with Vincent, Pierre, and the PCs to discuss the ancients, the group of vampires responsible for the AIDS epidemic. Those with information on the ancients, mainly the Camorillia, Vincent, and Pierre (who had been tracking the ancients for months) filled everyone in on what they knew. The ancients are much older than the local Camorillia although some of the founding members have had run ins with them before. The ancients believe they are the true pure vampire bloodline and are to rule the world as supreme beings. They are following an ancient prophecy that is supposed to bring their leader Fabian unlimited power. This prophecy involves the summoning of various powerful spirits and then merging with them. The first spirit was presumably the vengeance spirit already summoned by Kratos getting his vengeance killing Tenbris. The Ancients were presumably attempting to summon another spirit in Fredericton. In order to establish a presence in Fredericton they rapidly increased their numbers by turning as many people as possible. In doing so, many of their followers had inadvertently spread HIV when feeding. Most of the vampires who were spreading the virus were destroyed by hunters and the Camorillia in the battle.

Obviously the ancients are a serious problem that need to be dealt with, although the mages have their hands full dealing with the True and their leader (the vengeance spirit possessed) Tenebris. Pierre would like to continue tracking them down, and Vincent has his own vendetta against them (he used to be one of them and turned against them over 200 years ago). The problem is no one knows where the ancients went now. The mysterium have been studying the prophecies but have not been making much headway. Sionnach uses his fate magic to try to decipher from the situation where to go next. Marigold remembers her spell book from the dream world (found in the vampire mansion) and that is was written in Romanian, and this information was triggered as important to fate by Sionnach’s spell. Also Pierre mentions he has been all over Europe chasing the ancients but has not found their headquarters. He said the only place he hasn’t been in the UK, and again this was triggered as important. After piecing together all the information they had, the PCs were able to determine they were looking for a Romanian style mansion in the UK. Athena, a mage with sufficient space Arcana, has offered to open a gate for the PCs to travel to the UK. The PCs have decided on having the gate opened in the countryside near Edinburgh.

XP Earned: 2

The Ancient Ones Part 2

The seductive vampire called out to the snake one “wait Nissa, maybe these witches just want to talk”. Other vampires come out of the trees and introduce themselves. The seductive one is named Daria, the snake one Nissa, Dru is the crazy one, and Thalia can meld out of trees. After talking to Daria for a while, they discover she does not know about vampires spreading AIDS (probably because she doesn’t care about mortals at all), although they do suspect she is hiding something.

Vincent appears between (flew in as bats) them and they both look very angry at each other. Vincent raises his shotgun and opens fire at Daria with incendiary rounds, the fire grievously wounding Daria. Daria dominates Marigold and makes her shield her to reduce the damage from further gunshots. Nissa bites Adilha with her snake hands and Adilah retaliates with her knife, wounding her. Sionnach shoots at Daria causing some minor damage. Ben fires at Nissa hurting her some more. Dru starts her crazy ramblings again, giving the PCs penalties. Thalia touches Nissa and “consumes” her wounds, turning them into blood. Vincent shoots Daria again, causing so much of her to burn that it is likely she would have been turned to ash if it had not been for the mage shield. Daria fails to keep her composure in the face of so much deadly fire and she runs away screaming. Nissa summons snakes from blood that attack Ben, poisoning him. Adilah stabs Nissa again, Marigold no longer being given commands from Daria acts of her own free will again and uses life magic to control the snakes and make them leave Ben alone. Ben opens fire on Nissa again. Again Thalia heals Nissa. Several other vampires come out of the trees, surround and pin Marigold, one successfully bites her and begins draining her blood, also unintentionally transmitting HIV in the process. From out of the trees Pierre shows up, holds up a cross which glows white, causing the vampire biting her to turn to ash and the others to scatter. Nissa turns into a giant snake. She is much tougher in this form. Adilah tries to stab it again but is unable to hurt it through its tough scales. Sionnach uses fate magic to improve his luck to help cancel out Dru’s penalties. Ben shoots the snake again, causing some minor damage. Vincent, out of ammo with his shotgun, pulls out a flint-lock pistol and fires a magical flaming bullet into the snake, burning a hole in its scales, then runs off to chase the fleeing vampires. After Daria. Sionnach fires at Dru causing moderate damage. Dru runs off saying the prophecy will be fulfilled. Marigold heals herself. Pierre fires at Nissa, his shotgun doing minimal damage to her tough scales. Adilah stabs the snake, barely scratching it. Nissa Bites Adilah, piercing her with huge, sharp fangs. Ben fires at Thalia, causing moderate damage. Pierre and Sionnach both also shoot Thalia and Thalia runs into the tree and teleports away. Adilah stabs Nissa again, more effectively this time and again Nissa bites her, causing her to collapse unconscious in a pool of her own blood. Marigold heals Adilah, and she regains consciousness. Ben fires at the snake again, and with an incredibly well placed shot blows its head clean off. Blood and snake bits fly through the air and fall back down as ash, and the body turns to ash as well.

The hunters and other vampires show up looking worse for wear, especially the extremely bruised and bloodied hunters, but they looked happy. They killed most of the vampire minions, only a few managed to escape. When the PCs get back to their vehicles there is a cop car waiting, and after panicking and quickly hiding their weapons with the helps of Ben’s space magic, Marigold recognizes the officer as officer Jenny, a fellow mage. She offers to take Marigold to her hallow to heal up and have Dr. Morgan meet her there. The others decide to follow. Dr. Morgon heals the party, especially marigold and Adilah, of their wounds, leaving only minor wounds to heal naturally. He also cures Marigold of HIV and then returns to the hospital. Marigold and Pierre stay in the hallow for the next few days to rest and for Marigold to get her mana back while the other PCs return to the city to finish recovering themselves.

XP awarded: 4

The Ancient Ones Part 1

The PCs soon realized there were more vampires. Sionnach Stabs one of the ones grabbing for him. Others open fire on the party with a shotgun and rifles as one of them grabs him. Ben returns fire with his rifle as does Adilah. Ben is very thankful for his light undercover vest as he is struck by gunfire. One of the vampires starts feeding on Sionnach as he struggles to try and free himself. Marigold heals Adilah after she got shot through the chest with a rifle. Sionnach freed himself and the 2 closest vampires with guns took enough damage that they decided to turn into bats and leave. From the back two more vampires continue shooting at the party while a third vampire speaks of their doom and cackles manically. Her unnerving words cause the party to become shaken, making it more difficult to concentrate on combat. The PCs manage to put one of the vampires in torper by a combination of stabbing and shooting, and injure the rest enough to run off, but not before marigold is shot and heals herself. They follow the crazy sounding vampire out the back door into the forest. They come to a clearing and are met by a seductive vampire that incites Marigold and Adilah to get closer. Another vampire comes out of the woods and her hands turn into snakes.

XP awarded: 2

The Ancient Ones: new introductions

As the Fredericton coroner and local Moros, Adilah’s job is two-fold. First, she has to determine the true cause of death, of which she uses a combination of her medical/scientific knowledge and her magical abilities to determine. Then, if the cause of death appears to be supernatural, she has to hide it with a reasonable “official” explanation. The number of supernatural deaths had been extremely low for years until the last few weeks. Many people falling asleep and not waking up. The comas last various lengths of time from hours to days. Sometimes they just die without any evidence as to how, the brain just stops functioning. This typically happens after they have been in the coma too long. More often, though, they die of other means. Werewolf claw wounds, vampire bite marks, knife or gunshot wounds, etc. Through her contact Dr. Morgan at the hospital, she learns the comas are actually a magically dream world created to try to force awakenings, that has been infiltrated by spirits, demons, vampires, and werewolves. One day a group of mages that awaken from the dream world show up at the monthly council meeting. Shortly thereafter are the events of the battle with Tenbris and the unleashing of the vengeance demon. Now that most of the spirit tooth are deceased, defending Fredericton against the werewolves who call themselves the true has fallen on the mage community.

One night, as the previous PCs investigate a problem with Vampires spreading HIV, a report that their recon mission has gone bad bad its way back to the Fredericton Hiarch. At the same time, a massive battle with the True is about to begin, and the council can’t spare more mages for the vampire issue. Luckily, Adilah and two new mages (the other new PCs) have arrived at the emergency council meeting, and have agreed to assist with the vampires.

After fixing Sionnach’s car that just happened to break down right by the meeting (must ahve been fated to), the PCs other than marigold make their way to the abandoned mill on the north side of the St. John river. As they approached there is a fight going on in the woods around the mill and two other vehicles approach, one full of Camorilian Vampires and the other full of Hunters.

After a brief conversation with the hunters, the PCs follow the sound of the fighting and following Marigold and the former PCs into the mill. Once inside the other PCs meet Marigold for the first time. The previous PCs wander off towards the side doors as if possessed. When Sionnach tries to follow Kratos, Kratos sped up. After trying to run after him two vampires appear from bats to ambush him.

XP awarded: 2

adventure so far (new PCS)

The campaign has been stale for a year so seeking new PCs to revive it:

story so far:

Strange happenings in Fredericton, dream world putting people into comas, forcing mages to awaken, but most people trapped end up getting stuck there and/or dying. Demons, werewolves, vampires, and other unsavories have infiltrated the dream world and are fighting for dominance of it. Sleepersthat do manage to escape the dream world do awaken as originaly planned, and a few have acomplished this feat.

Meanwhile, the fredericton mage community had been dealing with two major supernatural threats. One being the presence of an evil werewolf pack that call themselves the true. They have been winning victories against theother local pack, the spirit tooth. If the spirit tooth fall, awakened and sleeper alike will be in mortal danger. The local mage council devised a plan to lead a stand against the True, with help from Spirit tooth. This brutal battle saw mass casualties on both sides, but a mage known as Kratos managed to defeat the True’s leader Tenebris, tearing out his guts. When Tenebris died, however, his body was possesed by a powerful vengence demon who killed spirit some spirit tooth werewolves and mind controlled others as the mages and remaining spirit tooth fled. The mage community has been reeling from this defeat, and has been working on plans to contain this spirit, defeat him, and/or keep the True at bay, as the Spirirt Tooth are now too weakened to keep them back by themselves.

The second supernatural threat they face is an HIV epedimic spread by vampire bites. Usually vampires are careful not to spread disease as this risks their discovery, so this carelessness must have been caused by a different group of vampires than the mages are used to hearing about, which would not stand for such a thing. Perhaps these vampires are new in town. A group of mages, including some to have survived the dream world, have been sent to investigate. Something has not gone to plan and they require assistance…

40 XP so far, 7 potential background XP

Return of the ancients, part 2a and 2b

part 2A:

The PCs decided to send word to hunters and Camerillia that they were going to do a recon mission first before attempting any sort of assault on the mill. PCs cast shields and sights and some invisibility spells in preparation.

They left in the van for the North side. They decide to park some distance from the mill on a street near the forest. As soon as they got out of the van they notice a group of vampires coming (10 in total, or was it 11? No time to count now!). Lyra runs to climb the nearest tree to get a good line of sight to all the vampires and Sophie, invisible, follows her. The rest of the party stood their ground, while Avery moved to the back of the van. The vampires swarm the PCs at the van. Avery gets ready to strike and as soon as a vampire tries to grab Marigold he slashes it, but does minimal damage. The vampire fails to grab her but another one succeeds. A vamp draws a sword and approaches Avery and others try to grab at Kratos but he dodges them. Lyra climbs the tree and draws her bow, and sophie tries to follow but fails to climb the tree. Kratos punches a vampire, doing more damage then the vamp was expecting as the spiked knuckle tore into him. Marigold wanted to make a break for the trees, but now being grappled, she had to fight for her life. She tried to gain control of the grapple but failed to.

XP earned: 5

Part 2B.

As the fight continues, the PCs begin to worry about getting overwhelmed. Avery disarms the vamp that has a sword, flinging it far from him as the one who has Marigold fails to bite her but another one grabs her, helping to keep control of her. Two vampires start heading towards the tree that Lyra is in. Several vamps swing at Kratos and miss. Another tries to grab Avery but misses. Lyra shoots one of the vampires with her bow, but he keeps on coming. Sophie jumps up and touches the bottom of Lyra’s bow, using fate magic to improve its accuracy. Kratos punches the vamp again, finishing it off. Marigold take control of the grapple from one of the vamps grabbing her and gets ready to stake it. Out of the woods emerges Victor as he prepares a Molotov cocktail. Avery slashes one of the vamps grappling Marigold with one sword, doing minimal damage and misses with the other. One vampire grabs Avery and the one in control of the grapple bites Marigold for minimal damage. The other one also gains control of the grapple. One of the vampires grabs Kratos but he doesn’t seem phased. The two vampires start climbing the tree, one making it to the same level as Lyra. Lyra pivots and shots it with the bow but despite a particular good shot it seems unphased. Sophie tries to climb and fails again, so she weakens branches on the tree. Kratos punches another vampire, causing moderate damage. Marigold takes control of the grapple again. Victor throws the Molotov cocktail and it breaks open on the back of a vampire that was fighting Kratos, setting it on fire.

Return of the ancients part 1

After being debriefed on the horrific encounter with the werewolves and its aftermath, tasks were assigned to all the mages. Some rushed to find ways to defend the city from raids from the possessed werewolves, others started brainstorming ways to temporarily stop the spirit should it show up again. Still others, especially the mysterium began work on figuring out what sort of mess they were dealing with and how to stop it for good. With every other mage in the city busy with this new threat, their is no one to protect the city from other day to day threats.

The PCs were given the task of dealing with day to day threats, starting with a problem involving HIV spreading through vampire bites. As it turned out, this revealed a plot much more sinister. The PCs first went to ask the hunters what was happening but they had little information. They only mentioned where vampires could be found and also that there was a vamp that occasionally showed up and helped them when they fought other vampires and a description of him.

With that, they went to the club to pick up a vampire. Lyria and Sophie started hitting on a tall blonde on the dance floor they could tell was a vampire from mage sight. They went outside with her to start making out in an ally. Avery was observing from the rooftops (was made invisible by Kratos). Kratos followed from a distance. Avery noticed from one side the vampire that matched the description of the vigilante vampire was heading there way, and from the other way a human with a concealed weapon was headed their way. As the blonde vampire (calls herself Daria) goes to bite Sophie, Sophie and Lyira maneuver her so she cannot. The other vampire (Vincent) arrived to break things up. Meanwhile the human (Pierre) came up with gun in hand (concealed under coat). As he came up to Daria he grabs his cross and points it at her. The cross glows, driving her back. Avery had climbed down onto a dumpster and jumps down in front of Vincent, who turns into bats and flies away. Kratos comes up behind Pierre and tries to grab his arm. Pierre backhands him in the face. He grabs his hand again before he can draw his gun. Daria starts leaving down the street towards her car. Marigold notices Pierre is there and immediately starts lecturing him and ties him up using vines…

The others are surprised she knows him. While they are distracted Daria gets further away. As she is about to get in the car Sophie used magic to improve Lyira’s luck and she shot an arrow at the car’s tire but it was not enough as it completely missed. Daria got in her car and closed the door. As she starts the engine Avery moves shadows into the car to distract her and Lyira shoots again, this time piercing all the way through the tire. Daria started to drive but immediately stopped to avoid crashing. Avery gets in the passenger side of the car and starts talking to her, making her very unnerved because he is invisible. He finds out she is part of the cammerilia and gets her contact information. She said she will bring back the news about the HIV epidemic to the Camerillia and see if they know about it.

In the mean time Mirigold and Pierre continue to discuss what happened. Pierre had left on a super secret mission to find the vampires that killed his parents and didn’t tell anyone but Mark where he was going, because he didn’t want to compromise their security. He doesn’t want anyone tracing this back to Mark’s hunter group, especially Ellie. He did not want her to be in any more danger. He didn’t know the scope of the conspiracy he was about to unravel. He had months in Europe tracking down various vampire clans. As Pierre was unaware Marigold was a mage he used her real name Ellie, so now the party knows. Ellie was still very upset about the fact that Pierre did not tell her where he went.

Just as the party regroups the other Vampire reappears and introduces himself as Vincent. He wears a long coat and clothes from the resonance that he keeps in remarkably good condition. He is heavily armed carrying both a modern sawed-off shotgun and an old flint look pistol, as is likely concealing other weapons under the cloak. He lets the PCs know that they found out what he wanted to know and he planned to take out these other vampires. He could not work directly with the camellia, however, as they have a centuries old feud with him. He prefers to work on his own terms, and so they see him as a loose cannon. In addition, he was once a member of the clan that is causing the trouble. Some in the camerilia do not believe his change of heart in the last 100 years or so has made up for several centuries of opposing them. He does want to help them in this though, or more he wishes to help the PCs, because he has a personal vendetta against the ancient clan and wants to see them eliminated (and has personally defeated many of them himself. As Ellie still doesn’t want to deal with Pierre right now, he goes back to elicit the assistance of the hunters. With Vincent, the hunters, and the camerillia, the PCs might stand a chance against this ancient evil. The plan is to assault the clan at their old base at an abandoned mill on the North side of Fredericton. Avery has reservations about the plan, however, as he recalls how this plan seems eerily similar to the plan that lead to the disaster with the vengeance spirit.

XP earned: 5XP

Those that howl in the night: Part 2

The PCs where briefed by Athena, an Adamantine Arrow Theursus who was put in charge of organizing the battle against The True. She explained the plan and mentioned where different mages and the Spirit Tooth would be located and asked the PCs where they wanted to help. She recommended Avery be up close and personal to study Tenebris and why he does what he does. Kratos had a personal vendetta against Tenebris and jumped on the opportunity to be up front and personal to avenge his parents. He has been plotting his revenge for a long time. Katelyn’s character opted to stay with the doctor to heal wounded in a camp in the back. Lyria opted to stay in a sniper’s nest near the back and use the hunting rifle she acquired from the banisher raid to snipe werewolves that threaten those up front. Sophie elected to stay next to her to magically improve her luck sniping.

The day before the battle, the PCs met with prominent members of the Spirit Tooth pack at the Lunar Rogue. Lucian, their alpha is well kept man in his 30s of average build. He has an air of authority about him and seems to always know what is going on. He has a strong connection to his pack and to their spirit. Elenor is a woman in her 30s and has the rocker/biker look (leather jacket, etc). She is very athletically built and looks like she has a short temper. She is one of the best spirit tooth at taking out opponents quickly. Luna is a woman in her 20s who always looks distracted, as if she is seeing things that are not there. She is the Spirit Tooth’s spiritual adviser and is a very talented mystic. Aaron is young and slender and is very perceptive. He acts as the Spirit Tooth’s primary scout. Darren is a biker in his 50s. He is built like a tank. He is strong and tough, but not too fast or smart. Last but not least is Franklin. Franklin is a certifiable genius. He is great at math, history, and physics in particular and is good at planing battle strategies. Unfortunately he is not as strong as his pack mates and is a little socially awkward. He was reading a book at the bar when the PCs arrived.

After talking strategy with the pack and then again with Athena, the PCs came up with the idea to magically mark the Spirit tooth so mages don’t attack them accidentally. Athena liked the idea and incorporated it and also saw to it that as many Spirit Tooth as possible were protected by mage shields to help give them an edge over the True. Just before the sun set the mages prepared for the battle by surrounding the True territory and buffing themselves and the Spirit Tooth pack. A camp was set aside for healing, a sniper’s nest was set up with a clear line of shot to the True camp, and a ring of mages guarding a circle perimeter to keep the true contained. Final preparations included a goth mage in his early 20s named Bane giving a boost to the PC’s physical strength and Athena personally putting a 4 dot space sheild on some of the Spirit Truth. Athena opened portals to take mages to their assigned locations. Right as the moon starts rising, the Spirit Tooth pack sneaks up in wolf form.

When the moon rises, all hell breaks loose The howling is deafening as both werewolf packs are forced into war form by the full moon. Werewolf clashes against werewolf in brutal, primal combat. As soon as the transformations begin Athena opens a portal for Avery and Kratos to teleport right to the platform right in front of Tenbris, and closes the portal as soon as they are through. The combat is chaotic, as mages rain down lighting, fire, and teleconnetic blasts on True that are within range, Spirit Tooth clash with True head on, and the PCs focus on the alpha and True closest to him.

Avery and Kratos get the jump on Tenebris, While Avery’s initial attack was ineffective, kratos landed a solid blow, but his thick hide and regeneration made the damage minimal. Darren distracted two of the True closest to the Alpha, keeping them from attacking the PCs. Their attacks were ineffective against his thick hide, regeneration, and mage shield. One of the True saw that they could use some assistance and ran back towards the platform and leap fopr the PCs. He was shot in the back by an extremely effective shot from Lyria, the silver bullet causing his guts to explode out his front, but he was still alive, and his momentum carried him onto Avery, pinning him to the rock platform. Tenebris clawed Kartos brutally, tearing out a lung and almost killing him. Athena seeing them in trouble opened a portal for Dr. Morgan to run through and magically heal Kratos’ grievous wounds. Katelyn’s character used life magic to make vegetation grow around the sniper’s nest, making it harder for werewolves to leap into it or used ranged weapons on the PCs there. Avery blinded the werewolf on top of him by magically moving shadows onto his face. While he was distracted Lyria blew his head clean off with another silver bullet, aided by Sophie’s magic, granting Lyria exceptional luck.

During this time some of the lesser known Spirit Tooth wolves and some of the true had fallen to each other’s primal violence. Others continued to fight with primal rage. Aaron melded into the ground as a true ran passed him, then came up behind him and landed a solid blow. One of the True managed to cause Elanor to bleed and she responded by tearing a chunk of his torso off. Through all of this some most of the True were focused on the PCs and Spirit Tooth, although some fought against the mages, they were often turned away, killed, popped out of time, frozen, confused, or otherwise dealt with before they could get to the mage perimeter. Some of them turn there attention to the PCs on the ridge and started to charge back that way. Athena gathered mages and opened a portal for them to intercept them before they could get close. Bane and athena used their swords to good affect, a matter mage opened a pit to disable one of the true, and others had their own creative soltions. One of the true clawed Bane, bloodying him, but Katelyn’s character came through the portal and healed him.

At this point PCs other than Katelyn’s character (who healed other mages that were fighting the True) focused on the alpha. Dr.Morgan healed Kratos again from more damage caused by Tenebris, Avery weakend Tenbris’ thick hide with matter magic, as Kratos continued to wail on him with his spiked knuckles. Sophie alternated between improving Lyria’s capabilities (either directly or that of the rifle), and lowering Tenebris’ offensive capability with the Evil Eye spell. Tenebris failed to do any significant damage to Kratos as he took a defensive posture while he waited for the right oppurtunity for a killing blow. Dr. Morgan glared at Tenebris and cast a spell to degrade Tenebris’ lifeforce, visibly weakening him. Lyria landed another solid shot, blasting a large hole through his abdomen. Kratos knew this was the right time, punching as hard as he could, he widened the hole, and pulled out all his guts in one fluid movement. Tenbris said with his dying breath “you fool, you only made him… stronger” and he fell to the ground, but just as Kratos was about to celebrate his victory, Tenebris rose again.

Tenebris’ eyes were glowing red, and he said in a loud, booming voice that echoed across the clearing “It has been a while since I have occupied a body, excellent”. He looked at kratos and said “thank you, this body is a very strong one”. He smashed the ground, knocking the PCs off their feet, and causing an earthquake big enough to be distracting for the rest of the battle going on. Athena could be heard in the distance shouting for a retreat, as a neraby forces mage amplified the sound to be heard by all. Kratos’ knowledge of the occult told him he was dealing with a powerful spirit and should flee, as much as he wanted to stay and fight, he and Avery started to move towards a portal opened by Athena. The spirit made a motion with his claw and Darren imploded instantly. He then gestured across the battlefield at Luna and shot a bolt of energy at her. Lucian dove in the way, and as the ray hit him, he was incinerated. The PCs fled through the portal and met up with the rest of the mages near the sniper’s nest. The spirit used powers to control werewolves, both true and Spirit tooth, but mostly True, and used them to to chase the rest of the Spirit Tooth off. One of the True, however, resisted the mind control, and actually decided he wanted to try and join the spirit. Tooth and went to help protect them from the other True. To protect the mages as they flee, many spirit mages including Rose, as well as Luna, use Spirit magic to create a large shield against the spirit. Athena uses the last of her mana to create a portal big enough for dozens of mages at a time. As the mages fled, the spirit shot a ray that destroyed the spirit shield.

XP earned: 15
Total XP earned thus far: 26

background XP available up to this point: 5
background XP earned:

Andrew – 5
Ash – 3
Ange – 3?
Ian – 4?

Those that howl in the night: introduction
Kratos' Story Intro (4th session)

The PCs used clever thinking to track down and capture the Banisher leader.
The PCs struggled with the morality of torture as they attempted to force information out of him with the help of the mind reading officer Jenny. It was difficult work as the Banisher was a mind mage and not afraid of death. He tried to partition his mind and refuse to give up information, but in the end the threat of the pain of seemingly never ending torture both to his mind an body combined with surface thought reading and good reading of facial queues, the PCs got the info they needed. Kratos and Avery both pretended that the howls of pain from the tortured detainee did not affect them. They would never admit it, but they did feel a little bad after, but it was what needed to be done.

The Banisher leader revealed that he had used his magic, charm, and contacts to infiltrate a local group of hunters to use against the rest of mage society. This information was used by Jenny and her cabal to track down the hunters and negotiate with them, undoing the work that he had done. The Banisher was summarily tried and executed for his crimes against mage society.

There has been a threat on the horrizon for a while, that the mages have been monitoring in case it boiled over. This was that breaking point. The local werewolf pack known as the Spirit Tooth pack generally left the mages alone and visa versa. The Spirit Tooth’s biggest enemy was The True, a group of werewolves who believe that they are the true blood werewolves and the only worthy ones, and all else shall be vanquished. They don’t have any reservations about killing mortals (in fact they believe killing and eating humans is part of their nature). The True had recently been growing in numbers and had overwhelmed the Spirit Tooth pack, significantly cutting their numbers. They tried to finish them off in the dream world, but they were unsuccessful thanks to the efforts of mages (including some of the PCs) in the dream world.

The mage community realized that if the Spirit Tooth pack is defeated, their will be nothing stopping The True from wiping out the mages next, and then the unsuspecting populace. The mages have been working tirelessly on a plan for a final stand against The true, and their alpha Tenebris. This is a well researched plan involving multiple cabals and orders working together, working with the Spirit Tooth Pack, and silver weapons. The mages community now trusts the PCs enough after how well they handled the banishers to let them in on their plan. Each PC has chosen and joined an order and gone through its initiation ritual. Each order has given the PCs tasks to complete. While the Arrows pimary task is to end the threat, they have task it’s members to join the fight and defeat as many werewolves as possible, the free council wants to see the right to life of mages protected and has likewise decreed to defeat werewolves and protect as many mages’ lives as possible, the Mysterium has asked for a little more. They want to know the motivations of the True, why they do what they do, in order to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future. In particular, Avery has been tasked with getting up close and personal with Tenebris and learning what motivates him.

The PCs have all been given equipment upgrades for this very dangerous mission. They have all been given silver weapons and one silver shrapnel fragmentation grenade each. The plan is to surround True territory right before the full moon rises, which will cause all werewolves to transform into war form. This way they will know for certain how many of the enemy they face and where they are.

XP earned this session: 3
Total XP each earned so far: 11

Background XP possible to earn thus far: 4
Background XP claimed: -Andrew: 4
-Ange: 3
-Ash: 3
-Katelyn: 0
Ian: 4

Introduction sessions
first 3 sessions

Introduced players to the main problem of the story (the dream world) and ran the players through their own awakenings.
Explained concepts such as paradox, sleepers, awakening and introduced them to some mages that noticed their characters awakening.
Had PCs introduced to mage society as a whole, how mage meetings are held, and the various orders and what they represent.
Introduced PCs to the types of things they can do with their newfound power and how to control them. Introduced them to routes and path tools and had mentors help them learn.
Gave PCs some time to think about about whether to form a cabal and have a sanctum
Gave PCs time to think about the orders and what order they may wish to join.
Introduced PCs to the concept that not all mages are good, and also the problem of hubris and how good mages can fall into the trap of abusing their power (“the Rose incident”).
Introduced the PCs to their powers through giving them their first test: dealing with fantical banishers that wish all mages dead.
PCs decided to take the direct “kick in the door” style approach, driving up to the path and walking right in the front.
This lead to the rude awakening that mages are still mortal, as Andrew’s character found out quickly. Although his sheild weakend the integrity of the bullet and likely saved his life, the shot being just 2cm to the right would still have killed him.
The PCs incapaticated all but one of their foes, as Cerebral saw they were losing and fled on a dirt bike.
Quick thinking by the party secured Andrew’s character another dirt bike to follow on.

XP earned to date: 8


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