lone vampire


Vincent’s clan was wiped out centuries ago and he has always acted on his own. At first he gave in the beast within, but after the first hundred years or so he got bored of that life. He decided to try and better himself. He generally works against other vampires, particularly to keep them away from powerful artificats or preventing dangerous rituals.

Although he is mysterious and often keeps to himself, he will mingle with other vampires to figure out what they are up to. Most other vampires find him unremarkable, and often forget that he exits, in part due to his proficiency with the obfuscate discipline.

He now refuses to drink human blood unless it is from a blood bank or if he deems someone to truly be giving it freely. He enforces this strict moral code on himself, which occasionally very difficult. He sometimes has no choice but to feed on animals, which are not as potent in vitae as humans. He often goes thirsty, and must resist the urge to frenzy. He has become adept at resisting this urge, much more so than most other vampires.

Vincent has a soft spot for technology, especially things that explode. This is rare for a vampire, as they generally fear fire, but he takes the risk and was one of the few early adopters of firearms among vampires. He still has his old flint lock pistol though he prefers his shotgun for practicality nowadays. He has become a demolitions expert over the years.

Even though he cannot derive any chemical pleasure from it, he enjoys smoking cigars. He partially does this to increase his intimidation factor.

Protean: The ability to change one’s body and assume a variety of forms such as a wolf, bat, or mist, or sprout bestial claws. (vincent has very limited understading of protean, and can only turn into a bat)
obfuscate: hiding oneself by clouding the minds of the weak. (he si very adept at this)
Resilence: The ability to withstand crippling injury without submitting.



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