Return of the ancients part 1

After being debriefed on the horrific encounter with the werewolves and its aftermath, tasks were assigned to all the mages. Some rushed to find ways to defend the city from raids from the possessed werewolves, others started brainstorming ways to temporarily stop the spirit should it show up again. Still others, especially the mysterium began work on figuring out what sort of mess they were dealing with and how to stop it for good. With every other mage in the city busy with this new threat, their is no one to protect the city from other day to day threats.

The PCs were given the task of dealing with day to day threats, starting with a problem involving HIV spreading through vampire bites. As it turned out, this revealed a plot much more sinister. The PCs first went to ask the hunters what was happening but they had little information. They only mentioned where vampires could be found and also that there was a vamp that occasionally showed up and helped them when they fought other vampires and a description of him.

With that, they went to the club to pick up a vampire. Lyria and Sophie started hitting on a tall blonde on the dance floor they could tell was a vampire from mage sight. They went outside with her to start making out in an ally. Avery was observing from the rooftops (was made invisible by Kratos). Kratos followed from a distance. Avery noticed from one side the vampire that matched the description of the vigilante vampire was heading there way, and from the other way a human with a concealed weapon was headed their way. As the blonde vampire (calls herself Daria) goes to bite Sophie, Sophie and Lyira maneuver her so she cannot. The other vampire (Vincent) arrived to break things up. Meanwhile the human (Pierre) came up with gun in hand (concealed under coat). As he came up to Daria he grabs his cross and points it at her. The cross glows, driving her back. Avery had climbed down onto a dumpster and jumps down in front of Vincent, who turns into bats and flies away. Kratos comes up behind Pierre and tries to grab his arm. Pierre backhands him in the face. He grabs his hand again before he can draw his gun. Daria starts leaving down the street towards her car. Marigold notices Pierre is there and immediately starts lecturing him and ties him up using vines…

The others are surprised she knows him. While they are distracted Daria gets further away. As she is about to get in the car Sophie used magic to improve Lyira’s luck and she shot an arrow at the car’s tire but it was not enough as it completely missed. Daria got in her car and closed the door. As she starts the engine Avery moves shadows into the car to distract her and Lyira shoots again, this time piercing all the way through the tire. Daria started to drive but immediately stopped to avoid crashing. Avery gets in the passenger side of the car and starts talking to her, making her very unnerved because he is invisible. He finds out she is part of the cammerilia and gets her contact information. She said she will bring back the news about the HIV epidemic to the Camerillia and see if they know about it.

In the mean time Mirigold and Pierre continue to discuss what happened. Pierre had left on a super secret mission to find the vampires that killed his parents and didn’t tell anyone but Mark where he was going, because he didn’t want to compromise their security. He doesn’t want anyone tracing this back to Mark’s hunter group, especially Ellie. He did not want her to be in any more danger. He didn’t know the scope of the conspiracy he was about to unravel. He had months in Europe tracking down various vampire clans. As Pierre was unaware Marigold was a mage he used her real name Ellie, so now the party knows. Ellie was still very upset about the fact that Pierre did not tell her where he went.

Just as the party regroups the other Vampire reappears and introduces himself as Vincent. He wears a long coat and clothes from the resonance that he keeps in remarkably good condition. He is heavily armed carrying both a modern sawed-off shotgun and an old flint look pistol, as is likely concealing other weapons under the cloak. He lets the PCs know that they found out what he wanted to know and he planned to take out these other vampires. He could not work directly with the camellia, however, as they have a centuries old feud with him. He prefers to work on his own terms, and so they see him as a loose cannon. In addition, he was once a member of the clan that is causing the trouble. Some in the camerilia do not believe his change of heart in the last 100 years or so has made up for several centuries of opposing them. He does want to help them in this though, or more he wishes to help the PCs, because he has a personal vendetta against the ancient clan and wants to see them eliminated (and has personally defeated many of them himself. As Ellie still doesn’t want to deal with Pierre right now, he goes back to elicit the assistance of the hunters. With Vincent, the hunters, and the camerillia, the PCs might stand a chance against this ancient evil. The plan is to assault the clan at their old base at an abandoned mill on the North side of Fredericton. Avery has reservations about the plan, however, as he recalls how this plan seems eerily similar to the plan that lead to the disaster with the vengeance spirit.

XP earned: 5XP



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