Return of the ancients, part 2a and 2b

part 2A:

The PCs decided to send word to hunters and Camerillia that they were going to do a recon mission first before attempting any sort of assault on the mill. PCs cast shields and sights and some invisibility spells in preparation.

They left in the van for the North side. They decide to park some distance from the mill on a street near the forest. As soon as they got out of the van they notice a group of vampires coming (10 in total, or was it 11? No time to count now!). Lyra runs to climb the nearest tree to get a good line of sight to all the vampires and Sophie, invisible, follows her. The rest of the party stood their ground, while Avery moved to the back of the van. The vampires swarm the PCs at the van. Avery gets ready to strike and as soon as a vampire tries to grab Marigold he slashes it, but does minimal damage. The vampire fails to grab her but another one succeeds. A vamp draws a sword and approaches Avery and others try to grab at Kratos but he dodges them. Lyra climbs the tree and draws her bow, and sophie tries to follow but fails to climb the tree. Kratos punches a vampire, doing more damage then the vamp was expecting as the spiked knuckle tore into him. Marigold wanted to make a break for the trees, but now being grappled, she had to fight for her life. She tried to gain control of the grapple but failed to.

XP earned: 5

Part 2B.

As the fight continues, the PCs begin to worry about getting overwhelmed. Avery disarms the vamp that has a sword, flinging it far from him as the one who has Marigold fails to bite her but another one grabs her, helping to keep control of her. Two vampires start heading towards the tree that Lyra is in. Several vamps swing at Kratos and miss. Another tries to grab Avery but misses. Lyra shoots one of the vampires with her bow, but he keeps on coming. Sophie jumps up and touches the bottom of Lyra’s bow, using fate magic to improve its accuracy. Kratos punches the vamp again, finishing it off. Marigold take control of the grapple from one of the vamps grabbing her and gets ready to stake it. Out of the woods emerges Victor as he prepares a Molotov cocktail. Avery slashes one of the vamps grappling Marigold with one sword, doing minimal damage and misses with the other. One vampire grabs Avery and the one in control of the grapple bites Marigold for minimal damage. The other one also gains control of the grapple. One of the vampires grabs Kratos but he doesn’t seem phased. The two vampires start climbing the tree, one making it to the same level as Lyra. Lyra pivots and shots it with the bow but despite a particular good shot it seems unphased. Sophie tries to climb and fails again, so she weakens branches on the tree. Kratos punches another vampire, causing moderate damage. Marigold takes control of the grapple again. Victor throws the Molotov cocktail and it breaks open on the back of a vampire that was fighting Kratos, setting it on fire.



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